The Design




A custom or commissioned piece of furniture is a unique piece of functional art created for a specific place, person or use. Much of my work has come through commission and has allowed for me to create some amazing one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. I enjoy the process of developing and designing custom work based on the specific needs of the client. I work with them to collaborate on a look, feel, design and function that we are both excited about.

A client reaches out to me because they like my aesthetic and have a piece in mind for a particular need. We talk about what the client needs in terms of dimensions, wood choice or aesthetic style. We also discuss the budget so that I can get an idea of how elaborate to make the design – hidden compartments, more complicated design, precious materials, etc. I often ask clients to let me know which pieces of mine they like the best to get a better idea of design direction. Finally, we discuss timing and shipping. I am often booked 6-8 months in advance, so I want to make sure that I can get the piece completed within the client’s timeframe. The shipping can vary depending on the time of year and size of a piece. I get an estimate on shipping that I email directly to the client and then we revisit when the piece is ready to ship. I do ship pieces internationally. It is a little more complicated but generally doable.

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Once I have a better understanding of the clients needs and desires, I will sit down and make some quick sketches so that I can get feedback. I call these my chicken scratches. I do this so that we can quickly develop an idea and determine which directions work best. Once we have an idea of a particular design I will take it to a CAD (computer-aided design) and draw it 2D to give the client a better idea of proportions. Finally, I will take it to a 3D rendering on the computer to give the client a better overall feel for the piece.

Once we have decided on the details of the piece, I ask for a 50% deposit to get going. This enables me to purchase the materials necessary and reserves your spot in my schedule so we can move forward.