The workshop was restored by heritage craft alliance in 2017 after which we moved in 2018 becoming its first residence in a very long time.

Situated on the Thorp Perrow estate which boasts the largest variety of trees in the UK ideal surrounding for woodworking.



cabinet maker & designer

A Brief History

With both my grandfathers being antique dealers and my father also being a furniture restorer/cabinetmaker growing up around antique furniture was inevitable.

When I turned 16 I left school and went straight into a full-time apprenticeship at Dingwall and Banks learning skills from my father (Simon) and his business partner Patrick. Dingwall and Banks established a reputation that received worldwide recognition. They have been privileged to restore furniture housed in some of the world’s greatest private collections and Museums such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Rijks Museum in Amsterdam.

As the antique furniture trade was in decline I began making more furniture and exploring my inner passion for furniture design which has all lead to me opening my own workshop in 2018.